Community health and wellness is a growing concern. From small towns to magor cities, there is a crisis of health in a large portion of the population. Many organizations have attempted to curtail this trend, and intervene on a population that may not be receptive and may not have access to effective methods of health improvement.

OpenTrak is implementing HealthTrak as a way to centralize and visualize all of the data surrounding the health and health interventions of a population. Using OpenTrak's eight Integrated Products, along with a discrete platform for health and nutrition management, leaders and healthcare providers can see a complete picture of a community's health status.


The Benefits of HealthTrak


  • Cost effective
  • Highly customizable
  • Visualization overlays of latest information on maps
  • Real time view of local health status
  • Simplified intervention tracking
  • Compatible with current patient tracking systems
  • Confidential and fully secure interface
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