Community health and wellness is a growing concern. From small towns to magor cities, there is a crisis of health in a large portion of the population. Many organizations have attempted to curtail this trend, and intervene on a population that may not be receptive and may not have access to effective methods of health improvement.

OpenTrak is implementing HealthTrak as a way to centralize and visualize all of the data surrounding the health and health interventions of a population. Using OpenTrak's eight Integrated Products, along with a discrete platform for health and nutrition management, leaders and healthcare providers can see a complete picture of a community's health status.
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A grant-giving organization approached OpenTrak with a problem: their hundreds of grantees were spread over a large geographical area without a way to visualize the service areas. The ability to analyze funding areas and funding types against public data is burdensome due to the disparate sources of information.

Enter GrantTrak: using many of the existing Integrated Products and some proprietary technology, OpenTrak was able to craft an effective solution for visual tracking and analysis of service areas. GrantTrak allows for service areas to be displayed on a map to provide analysis for density of impact. Public information such as population can be displayed as a layer to track service area by population.
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Integrated Products in Detail

Know who, what, when, where and how users access your various web and social media sites

Allow customized data points to be collected for enhanced detailed tracking for additional information in addition to the core OpenTrak framework.

Combine user information from any public or private source: page views, likes, GPS positioning, register scan data, etc., to create more complete and actionable user data

Use any of a host of built-in and fully customizable analytics & reporting tools to track and analyze trends and the effectiveness of marketing or other initiatives

Capture and utilize information from data-rich applications, membership renewals, user surveys and other forms without having to use an additional external tool

An application programming interface that interfaces with applications using the OpenTrak Application Programming Interface

Improve the effectiveness of marketing, membership, fund-raising or any other type of campaign or initiative with social media, invites, rewards and recognitions

Build and leverage your own unique social media platform(s) by allowing customers or members to comment, share photos and interact with each other and your business.

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