Why OpenTrak?

OpenTrak provides a unified platform that empowers organizations to access, visualize and streamline their overall external interactions with customers and internal operational functions. Using a variety of powerful tools, OpenTrak takes an organization's entire breadth of internal data, client relations and external information sources, and unifies its display under a single platform that allows for easy and accurate cross-sectoral data analysis.

OpenTrak allows an organization to give potential clients quick sign-up capability through social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter, provides for comprehensive and visualized tracking and data-gathering of clients through those outlets, combines external public data and internal information, and can show all available data in customizable reports, visual analytics and comprehensive dashboard displays.

On top of that, OpenTrak offers dynamic, customizable data tracking for any information that can be sourced, and an API that allows for interfaces with existing systems that may be in use by an organization. OpenTrak provides customizable mapping interfaces, time-tracking and evolution grids, surveys and survey analysis, and even manages the publishing of relevant information to the right people on social media outlets.

HealthTrak and GrantTrak

Our new products, HealthTrak and GrantTrak, are discrete solutions that are aimed at specific markets. HealthTrak aggregates health and lifespan data in communities, and allows for tremendous flexibility in inputs and external influences for the population being tracked, while displaying detailed and time-relevant maps and analytics that allow an instant, evolutionary picture of a community's health and the effects of interventions to be seen. GrantTrak is a product for grant-giving organziations to maintain a close watch on how their money is being used, and to see several views that aggregate fiscal responsibility, effects on the community, and accountability.
Read more about HealthTrak and GrantTrak.


The Benefits of OpenTrak

  • Cost effective
  • More complete picture of customer
  • Compatible with all legacy systems
  • Customer/member retention
  • Real time view of market and opinion
  • GIS integration for visualization overlays on maps
  • No need for one-off customized solution
  • Single point of integration

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