Why OpenTrak?

OpenTrak provides a unified platform that empowers organizations to access, visualize and streamline their overall external interactions with customers and internal operational functions.

Using a variety of powerful tools, OpenTrak takes an organization's entire breadth of internal data, client relations and external information sources, and unifies its display under a single platform that allows for easy and accurate cross-sectoral data analysis.


Available Solutions

GrantTrak and HealthTrak are just two of the possible solutions that can be built using the existing Integrated Products created by OpenTrak. Grant Trak was created to provide an effective solution to the problem of grantee accountability. GrantTrak is available to any organization that wishes to maintain accountability for its grantees, and to see a complete visual map of success and impact for community organizations.
For more information, visit our GrantTrak page.

HealthTrak is a way to centralize and visualize all of the data surrounding the health and health interventions of a population. Using OpenTrak's eight Integrated Products, along with a discrete platform for health and nutrition management, leaders and healthcare providers can see a complete picture of a community's health status.
For more information, visit our HealthTrak page.

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